The Adriatic-Balkan Area from Transition to Integration

International Conference
"The Adriatic-Balkan Area from Transition to Integration"
Ancona 21-22 May 2010

( Conference schedule [pdf] )
First Session:
  • Giorgio Cingolani: "Twenty Years of Transition: Issues and Problems" (presentation [ppt] - working paper [doc])
  • Milica Uvalić: "Which Development Model for the Balkans? (1989-2009)"
  • Vladimir Vuletić: "The New Economic Elite in Post Socialist Serbia" (working paper [doc])
  • Dušan Janjić: "Confronting Ethno-Nationalisms: the Case of Kosovo" (working paper [doc])
Second Session:
  • Iraj Hashi: "Entrepreneurship and SME Growth: Evidence from Advanced and Laggard Transition Economies"
  • Muhamet Mustafa: "Challenges of Reindustrialization in Kosovo" (presentation [ppt], working paper [doc])
  • Andrea Presbitero: "IMF Lending in the Wake of the Global Crisis" (presentation [pdf])
  • Artane Rizvanolli: "The effect of human capital on FDI: A meta-regression analysis" (presentation [ppt])
  • Eleonora Cutrini, Giorgio Galeazzi, Francesca Spigarelli: "Foreign Direct Investment and Financial Crisis: Spotlight on Italy-Balkan Countries Flow" (presentazione [pdf])
  • Hyrije Abazi: "Ownership Change, Innovation Activities and Firm Performance-Evidence from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe"
  • Nebojsa Stojcic: "The Impact of Innovation Activities on Firm Performance using a Multi-Stage Model: Evidence from the Community Innovation Survey 4"
Third Session:
  • Ivo Bicanic: "Wage inequality and Wage differentials in Croatia after the transformation" 
  • Nadan Petrović: "Immigration from Balkans toItaly from the Early Nineties to 2010"
  • Eros Moretti, EralbaCela: "Migrations and Remittances: the Case of Albania"
  • Paolo Pettenati, Ida Simonella: "The Maritime Traffic in the Adriatic Sea: the Last Decade" (presentation [ppt])
  • Sarda Cammarota: "The Marche Region and the Territorial Cooperation in SEE Area" (presentation [doc])